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Are you interested in bidding on my project?

Our proposals are detailed, competitively priced and as complete & transparent as possible to help reduce the number of surprises and additional costs along the way.

You will always receive a competitively priced proposal that is usually in the middle price range of the bidders.

A meaningful proposal that contains all of the detailed tasks, specifics and cost information takes an investment of time on the part of Big City Builders staff. Typically, our initial conversations and a site visit would be very informative and help guide your design and budget that you have in mind for your project and also likely help you decide if we would be a good fit for your needs. In order to receive a detailed proposal for your project there is usually some sense and level of commitment from both you and us.

There is a $200.00 fee if your proposal is necessary for insurance claims/companies, restoration companies, banks/mortgages, governmental, etc. because they usually require a specifically detailed proposal and it must be written in a specific format (non-refundable).

We would be happy to provide a proposal for your project, but ask that we bid against professional and qualified builders.

Big City Builders reputation for value, integrity, and precision is on the line at every project. We feel strongly about protecting that reputation and for that reason feel that low bidding does not always get the job done right the first time. If you are collecting bids from multiple builders and qualifying bids by the cheapest price, then we are not the right builder for you. The lowest bids usually end up in a poorly constructed, mismanaged, or at worst an incomplete construction project with a contractor always asking for more money. These situations contribute to contractors generally poor reputation, but both the misinformed consumer and unprofessional contractor are to blame.

At Big City Builders you get a dedicated team whose goal is to make you feel like our only client. As a small contractor we can give you the responsiveness and individual attention your home or business deserves.

I have provided some square foot and average costs for various home addition and home remodeling projects in the local area down below. These home remodeling costs will provide you with a basis for your budget planning.

Where do I begin?

Gather information and ideas about what you want and what your needs are. Talk to family and friends about their experiences. The Internet is a very valuable tool but make your search as thorough as possible and go to different web sites to double check the things you read. The design and drawing stage should include a professional right away. When major structural changes are being considered bring in an architect, Big City Builders can provide architectural and design services for you. Most kitchen and bath remodels still benefit from professional guidance from kitchen and bath designers or contractors.

Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

Yes, always ask potential contractors to make sure. Each city or suburb has some variation as to the bonds, licenses and insurance amounts required. We carry a 2 million dollar insurance policy and a certificate of insurance is included in your contract package.

#1 question of all time…. How much is this going to cost?

Home addition & home remodeling projects are unique situations, so the best way to determine "How much?" is to first establish an affordable budget for yourself and then find out what you get for the money. How much you decide to spend on fixtures and finishes can make or break your budget. Individual style & taste varies widely and so do budgets. Again, general costs and ballpark prices for home improvement projects are fairly public information widely available online.

How much quality work can you get from a professional contractor for your money? Rather than focusing only on the lowest price contractor, a smart homeowner should compare how many nice features and benefits and little extra touches you get in the overall package from your selected contractor.

These addition and remodeling cost guidelines are for “ballpark” estimates which are only useful as preliminary budgeting tools and are close to, but rarely exactly what your home addition or remodeling ends up costing. Only itemized estimates provided by professional local contractors can provide accurate costs. Our experience with the local labor and material markets put the current cost range at:

Home Addition cost:
Family Room to Master Suite:            $150 - $300 /sq.ft.

Please note: ** Cost per square foot declines as the addition gets larger ** , you gain an economy of scale, so adding more space to your plans becomes cheaper, think of it as a “volume discount” type of pricing scale.

Kitchen remodel cost:                      $130 - $320 /sq.ft.
Average range:                                  $15,000 to $45,000
Average project:                               
Cabinet costs usually account for about half of the budget. The costs range from a kitchen that is the same size and same layout to adding space and moving things around.

Bathroom remodel cost:                  $200 - $420 /sq.ft.
Average range:                                  $7,500 to $25,000
Average project:                                $11,600

Your choice of fixtures and finishes come in a wide range and can make or break these budgets. Costs range from basic remodeling to building new space for a new bathroom.

Basement finishing cost:                  $25 - $85 /sq.ft.
From basic walls and ceiling with baseboards & trim to adding a bath or building a custom entertainment center or bar. Basements cost less to finish then building a home addition. So finishing the basement is an economical way of adding living space and increasing the value of your home.

Decks – pine to composites:               $25 - $65 / sq.ft.
From basic treated deck, low to the ground, with stairs and railing to custom composite decks with curves, fire pits, pergolas, etc.