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Bidding and specifying your project
You can expect a thorough and complete proposal with competitive pricing that meets your project needs. We understand the economics of business & office remodeling, restaurant and bar business needs, as well as flipping property, spec homes, and various developments and how contractor pricing and selection affects the bottom line. Choosing the low bidder does not ultimately improve a projects profit margin and worst case can cost money in the end.
You get a competitive bid that ensures a complete job done to your specifications.

General Contractor
Big City Builders can handle your residential or light commercial project from start to finish. We will assemble a reliable team to get the job done on time, on budget. Our style of project management and subcontractor support guarantees a smooth running project.

Business remodeling
Need better use of space? More efficient layout or an refresh and update, we can help.

Office remodeling
Time to brighten things up a bit? Solve problems or repairs? Big City Builders can help.

Construction and Remodeling Consultant Service
Our years of experience and expertise can be a very helpful resource when it comes to your project. We are available on a consultant basis for a reasonable daily or hourly fee. We respectfully provide real and concrete advice backed with facts and figures which directly apply to local market conditions and your specific project.

Restaurant build-out
Want to turn that old property around? Bring in more customers with a bright new look. From the back to the front of the house, we can help.

Rehab Specialist
Want to turn that old property around? Condo conversion or multi-unit rental prep, you can use our expertise to find a solution for your multi-unit property.>

Tile installation services are available for your business or commercial property.

Cultured Stone Veneer
After incorporating thousands of square feet of this product on some of our residential jobs, we found another area were we have developed and enjoy doing. Our installation process guarantees a weather tight install with few problems down the road due to improper installation techniques

Wine Cellar and/or Bar construction:
We like hanging out at your bar! Just kidding, we have done a wide range of custom bars for business. From simple and functional, to cool and complex, from traditional to modern. I personally enjoy the excitement of knowing the good times and money that will be made.

Wine Cellar construction has become a nice niche for Big City Builders. Many contractors do not fully understand the proper methods and techniques of vapor barrier, insulation, and cooling installation. With a little added effort and special attention paid to very specific construction details you are provided with a wine cellar with very little maintenance and ready to store and display your wine collection.

Framing Contractor
Rough carpentry and framing were some of our first jobs. From custom single family homes, office build-out, remodel and addition framing, restoration and disaster, we can handle the framing for you. Our experience helps troubleshoot any minor challenges that appear (as they usually do). All of our crew has their own specialty, but everyone on our staff knows and likes to frame.